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Shoot 'em Up! by Brujah-Wolf Shoot 'em Up! :iconbrujah-wolf:Brujah-Wolf 2 0 Adrian ''Adi - The Punisher'' Lucev by Brujah-Wolf Adrian ''Adi - The Punisher'' Lucev :iconbrujah-wolf:Brujah-Wolf 0 0 ID 2014 by Brujah-Wolf ID 2014 :iconbrujah-wolf:Brujah-Wolf 0 0 Zwettendorf - Redbull Ring. Tomorrow Festival 2014 by Brujah-Wolf Zwettendorf - Redbull Ring. Tomorrow Festival 2014 :iconbrujah-wolf:Brujah-Wolf 0 0 Iron Maiden Nightshift Setup, Graz 2013 by Brujah-Wolf Iron Maiden Nightshift Setup, Graz 2013 :iconbrujah-wolf:Brujah-Wolf 0 0 ID 2009 by Brujah-Wolf ID 2009 :iconbrujah-wolf:Brujah-Wolf 1 0
''How are you Malus?'' – Jay's voice came from the shadows, his face dimly lit by the glow of his cigarette.
''Proxy, bring Victor and Franco inside.'' – Mock's said slowly and firmly behind me.
-What is this? – I was still not completely aware of my surroundings
''You've got some explaining to do my friend. You've killed Raziel yesterday night and almost sent Victor and Franco his way. What are you trying to do Malus, start a war when we need help now more than ever? – Mock pulled his chair closer, facing me with his round face carrying worried expression.
Few minutes have passed before Proxy returned, Victor and Franco following closely behind.
''Now that everyone involved are here you will hear what happened yesterday night when Victor pulled his jeep off the road. '' – Jay said slowly ''This will serve you to refresh your thoughts. You may begin Victor''
When Victor came closer my eyes grew wide as I looked at his bruised face and his left arm enclosed in p
:iconbrujah-wolf:Brujah-Wolf 1 0
Mature content
Revelations_Road Home-Part 2 :iconbrujah-wolf:Brujah-Wolf 1 0
Mature content
Dinner From Hell Part 2 :iconbrujah-wolf:Brujah-Wolf 1 0
Dinner From Hell Part 1
''What’s Jay bitching about? ''
- He’s concerning our weaknesses right now. In very short time we pulled too many… outsiders in our cause. He thinks that will give impression that our family is weak.
''Well we are weak at the moment and besides you got to take some chances sometimes. Expect the worst and hope for the best, right? '' – continued Proxy while he was charging his car on the road
- True, but let’s get us out of Rio. The sooner we are on our ground the better.
    We drove some time in silence. The only sound was that of the car stereo. As we were getting closer to the gates, Proxy’s face was getting grim, his eyes flashed every now and then. Something was eating him but I decided to let him deal with it on his own.
''Just a few more kilometers and we should be able see our escort. ''
- They’ll be waiting for us at the Gates or after we pass them?
''After the Gates; nobody’s following us at the moment, but I don
:iconbrujah-wolf:Brujah-Wolf 1 0
Mature content
Hospital and Hospitality :iconbrujah-wolf:Brujah-Wolf 1 1
Mature content
Road Home - Part One :iconbrujah-wolf:Brujah-Wolf 1 1
Desktop 3 by Brujah-Wolf Desktop 3 :iconbrujah-wolf:Brujah-Wolf 0 3
Message written in Blood
    A phone 'click' away and i began packing my stuff, few minutes more and i was running over the small park area toward the subway station. As much as Jay creates chaos and havoc around himself and no matter how much i have get used to it, I hated this 'need to know missions', beside that I was really getting interested in who will be my driver and I was most pleased to know that Jay was recruiting while i had my fun in Metropolis. Jay grows, heh, that's good to know.
    Somewhere in the middle of one of my freestyler jumps i remembered that i was out of smokes, that beautiful addiction that will probably be the death of me one day, but in this moment I didn't give a damn, smoking only that much as it pleased my tastes. Sal's drugstore was overlooking at the basketball courts and as soon as he saw me running in his direction he put his curly head through the window and yelled at me.
    '' What's the hurry dude! I don't see
:iconbrujah-wolf:Brujah-Wolf 0 2
A blast from the past
    I wished that I could have taken him with me that night, to run with him through the thick forests of this city, to hunt together with me. No matter how it may seemed to you i was, getting lonely although i was surrounded with people. All my wishes were pointless, because he was a messenger, a so called emissary delivering release for those that needed release, for those that were on their way to be lost, for those that needed hope and a guardian for those that needed protection. Was it coincidence that our paths crossed i could not tell but i knew he was needed elsewhere and i was just happened along the way.
    Girls talked and i was slowly walking behind them, grimly lost in my thoughts, staring in the eyes of a wolf that was smiling on the other side of my eyes. We came to a bus station waiting for our bus to arrive, to lead us deeper in the forest where her birthday party would take place. I didn't realized that we will be going to ' th
:iconbrujah-wolf:Brujah-Wolf 1 0
    I can't honestly remember when i let the wolf in me surface . Was it by choice, chance or was it because he was stronger in will then i was, but i liked the feel it gave me.
    Days passed one by one, I was in my room, eating, sleeping, watching the ether, burning mini-bar every day and vision of her never left me. Soon my reservation ended and i packed my stuff and left the place behind me. I was homeless for few days. Wolf guided my feet toward the mountain, helping me get my mind back. I've decided to rent a place in the city, decided to start from the scratch again, this time i said to myself I'll do better. I hoped this time it will be better...
    I had some folks i knew from my hometown living here in Metropolis so I've decided to pay them a visit, to warm those contacts i haven't seen in ages. Adrian was one of those guys, left in his own universe which did wonders for him. He was never much of a talker person bu
:iconbrujah-wolf:Brujah-Wolf 0 2

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  • Listening to: Asphyxia - Sense of Decay
  • Reading: The Art of War - Sun Tzu
  • Watching: The World Around Me
  • Playing: Life
  • Eating: Enemies
  • Drinking: Air
Nope i'm not addicted to drugs :D unless you count insulin as one :)
I'm back home in my place of birth, closed another chapter of my life but i've learned much things on my voyage. No matter how far the roadtrip goes there are always folks that will try to suck you dry and bleed you to death all that matter are the people that stay with you even when you are 400 km apart.

Recession hit the firm hard so they fired some of us but in a way that's not such a bad thing. We're all expendable in a way. There is one great quote or saying if you will...

Definition of success:
''Get yourself up one more time than you crash down''

In a way i have to thank my firm for letting me go because now, i wish that i had a cloning machine because of the amount of job that i'm offered daily.

The old Lighting crew, a squad that i was once part of is slowly breaking but i know, they/we will always help each other with gigs, concerts and jobs on the side. That's how the life goes today. You can have one very well payed job and work your ass off or you can be a freelancer always on the road, always in the hunger for learning news things, working for many crews on many projects until you decide to calm yourself down.

Calm i say, not becoming dead with one job but no more in need to prove yourself to anybody, because you know you've proven yourself many times on many occasions. This time they will come for you, asking you how to do, can it be done and you will always say with a smile on your face: Sure it can be done, I have just the right man/just the right crew of 'lunatics' to get the job done...and this is the way things should be done.

Helping others to help you and the circle will slowly be growing and then perhaps people will see there is no point of wars, famine, stealing (in every aspect of life) but i have made a slow turn ;)

I'm happy to be in my city once again, although my crew is found only in very small and tiny pieces those that remain by my side are those that are worth of dying for. I'm working in a small rental firm, waaaaaaaay smaller than the last one i was working for. We have around 30 pieces of Robe moving heads and a nice sound system from KV2. There are many concerts in my small town that counts around 60,000 people and tempo is good, easy, guys are gold, no back stabbing, there's no job hunting over dead bodies in this firm and times are finally going gold even in the face of f****d up finance s***T in the World.

For those that know what i'm talking about:

Wolf is still alive and has found another of its kind, pack is growing slowly and being home after such a long time is refreshing.

When you see Full [Fool :)] Moon in your city late at night remember me howling toward the Orion constellation 'my' red head vampire cherie ;)

YT. Brujah - Wolf


Current Residence: Pula, Istra, Croatia
Favourite genre of music: Electronic, Dark ambient metal.... Jean Michel Jarre...
Favourite photographer: Fatallook
Operating System: Windows Vista Home Edition
MP3 player of choice: Winamp 5.541
Favourite cartoon character: Too many of them to write them here.
Personal Quote: The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend


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